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M14 Tactical created by Doktor haus.
M14 Tactical replaces the hunting rifle on arby's reanimation. Includes world model and custom sounds. The little animation I did was making the bolt move back when the gun fires. I experimented with shell ejection, but you couldn't see it anyway. Edit: Crappy old mod. Check out the addon below with new anims, model, a bayonet and stuff. Doktor Haus - hack, compile, anim edits, word model, icon, sound mixing Spezz, Pete, Kimono - models Thanez, Kimono - textures arby26 - animations Rev - anim edits Sarqune, Engineer, Vunsunta - original sounds
Version: 1.2  (Final)
Last Updated: 11/15/11
Released: 11/15/11
Author: Doktor haus
Publisher: Doktor Haus
File: m14.vpk  
Size: 3.39MB
Tagged: Weapons, Snipers, m14, hunting,
Last Updated: 11/15/11   Version: 1.2  (Final)    
Not every case, but It's working at multiplayer.
short barrel sound (best) animation (i dont like the new version) color (not wood) texture is beautiful very good feeling not a too strong feeling gun for hunting rifle
sometimes not working at multi
It's totally awesome and perfect. I can feel the gun in my own hands when im sniping with this replace. And also not a too strong gun for hunting rifle (for example M14 EBR) so i can replace the military sniper as dragunov. (I think (but not sure) the M14 EBR and dragunov are the same category).
Can we get this without the sounds? I'm sorry I just love the original sound of the hunting rifle. This is my favorite remodel for it but I'd rather have it without the sounds. I tried to delete them myself in GCFscape but it must be written in read only or something idk it won't let me. I'd also rather not single-handedly extract all files but the sound folder and replace the orignal ones - .vpk is much more simple to delete if you so choose. Anyways I'd really appreciate it man.
U need this prog developer.valvesoftware(.)com/wiki/Authoring_Tools/SDK_(Left_4_Dead_2) install it, then open .vpk with it, change in folder what u need, than drag folder in(on) vpk.exe - it will create u new .vpk with your changes.
Good fire sound Reloading really nice and true Nice looking Incendiary sound is too strong
No . I think not
I think this is a greatest skin for hunting rifle I ever seen before . I hope Dr Haus will make another great skin for other weapon . Downloading
looks great - way better then original makes you want to use the rifle more great sound can't see myself ever going back to the original, can i dont see anything that beats this.
I would have liked to have seen a longer barrel.
all in all my favourite replacement for the rifle. really nice weapon.
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