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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Improved Lucky Star survivors
Improved Lucky Star survivors created by Splinks/1337gamer15/2234083174.
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I improved Splinks' Lucky Star mod and added FPS arms (retextured zoey hands) and gave the HUD a more L4D2 feel. I also added name replacements as well. The models were apparently mad by MikuMikuDance and Splinks had made them into a mod.
Version: 1.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 11/11/11
Released: 11/11/11
Author: Splinks/1337gamer15/2234083174
Publisher: 1337gamer15
File: zCharacters - Lucky Star.vpk  
Size: 17.01MB
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Last Updated: 11/11/11 Version: 1.0  (Complete) Views: 38,647
Could someone make this for l4d survivors (the ones in l4d2 though)
well this is certainly great by any chance shall we ever see the summer uniforms by any chance ?
gamer stopped modeling for l4d2, i think i readed from him some place, so the chance should be 0, unless someone redoes the models + giving them their summer styled uniform, lower skirt and sleeves this is then.
Amazing mod, seems to only work if I start in the lobby, if I join a game while others are already playing it won't load the mod, other than that it's awesome! Thanks so much!
I don't want to be a bother but can you please make a separate file for Konata?
I've been trying to make this for so long and failed. Thanks
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