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Beldurra created by SaveYourNeighbors.
Beldurra consists of 3 chapters that take the survivors through the already-ruined city of Beldurra and ultimately downriver to a salvage compound. Equipment and obstacles are determined in real time, both to keep players alert and to make replaying levels more fun. Features custom textures and an original end-credits score. Beldurra is released under Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND Special thanks to: NowOrTrevor and Sean for textures, Borkjop for ideas and assets, Chainsaws Ahoy and everyone who helped playtest, and Valve Software for an amazing core game and making the development tools available. Beldurra is my first Hammer project.
Version: 3  (Final)
Last Updated: 09/10/13
Released: 09/10/13
Author: SaveYourNeighbors
Publisher: SaveYourNeighbors
Maps: 3/3
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: beldurra.vpk  
Size: 95.08MB
Mode: Co-Op, Campaign,
Last Updated: 09/10/13   Version: 3  (Final)    
-Neat design and layout -Good finale concept -Cool gimmicks here and there
-Infinite hordes: Not fun -INSANELY difficult finale -Bot nav is absent in some areas
Its safe to say I had fun until the finale, as I couldn't even beat it due to the unnecessary amount of infinite hordes, I never even found a chainsaw to make it somewhat easier.
-- Some very lovelly level design and texturing; as a digital setpiece this is inarguably a good set of maps. Color correction is well-done too. -- The added mechanics are definitely clever. -- Events aren't the same old excuses to spawn zombies that we usually see. -- Most areas allow for fun zombie killing. -- The hung/impaled Specials are a sort of cheesy but also pretty cool.
-- Many events just seem unreasonable w/o a fully coordinated human team & multiple tries-- the sheer amount of bullets you need to be pumping out in stuff like the map 2 finale or the entirety of map 3 makes those sections feel like crapshoots. -- Bot nav is scary bad. Scary scary scaaaary bad-- even the Infected are affected by it; I had a Witch ragdoll skyward before she even died only to come down right on top of Coach and incap him. -- 120+ variance in framerate over the campaign; lots of areas were choppy, and I have to give a shout-out to the garden on Kill de Sac for reminding me of the time I tried maxing out Crysis on my laptop.
A curate's egg.
I cannot play this map at all as the game crashes to the desktop while on the loading screen.
at first its a nice level but at the last save house its realy sucks, bad signs what way you have to go and what you have to do, and to many zombies in last level
I really enjoyed this map, as I really love the safe house door, next to the normal-looking door as I wonder could the cool army safe house door look be a single mod like a texture mod as I really love the look of it - this is a hard map, but I love a challenge and this gives me a fun challenge.
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