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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods The Spitter's Thong
The Spitter's Thong created by THEINVISIBLEMAN.
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I know you all love the Spitter. She's easily the hottest infected. I'd like to draw your attention much more closely to the thong. This mod replaces four audio files for the Spitter. The piano cues, the acid puddle music, and the standing in acid music are replaced with clips of The Thong Song.
Version: 0.2  (Alpha)
Last Updated: 01/09/12
Released: 01/09/12
File: spitterthong.vpk  
Size: 6.41MB
Tagged: Infected, Spitter, Audio, music,
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Last Updated: 01/09/12 Version: 0.2  (Alpha) Views: 6,221
That Girl
Be Nasty
u guys r gross its a dead woman that has skin like an old lady really................ really
spitter is the most ugly infected
I'll add a video link soon, I just can't be arsed at the moment to free up some space so I can FRAPS a little preview.

I got other videos I'm working on, and their raw avi files are taking up a lot of space.
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