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Metal Gear Solid Style HK Pistols (Unsilenced) V2 created by Mateoski/K1CHWA/Seph/Arby26.
The Unsilenced version of my Metal Gear Solid style pistols.
Version: 2  (Final)
Last Updated: 12/07/11
Released: 12/07/11
Author: Mateoski/K1CHWA/Seph/Arby26
Publisher: Mateoski
File: pistol_mgs usp and mk23 socom_unsilenced.vpk  
Size: 16.33MB
Last Updated: 12/07/11   Version: 2  (Final)    
Yes, I know but those are not very good, there are a usp to LD4 with the same quality of design than yours
I love those guns are awesome, I like the model and animations; a question could you make a usp 45 match?, If you could do would be great.

as always sorry if I have spelling errors do not speak good English
Well, technically there is. The HL2 Pistol ported to L4D2, which is a USP Match.
does it hear diferent?
Yes. Custom sounds included.
why is it when i get a second pistol THE FIRST PISTOL CHANGES? and why not make the second pistol blank under it and the first pistol with the box flash light
Because that's how it is.
+ Awesome + High Detail + Worth it
- Similar to other gun mods
To be honest, I think this mod is great! It has high detail to satisfy the player! Make more :)
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