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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Velociraptors
Velociraptors created by Splinks & Thrawn42689.
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Ripp = Nick Raps = Ellis Claw = Coach Tiny = Rochelle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I would like to thank the following people that have made me feel proud to have made this mod. Thrawn42689 CaptainSparklez RoosterTeeth RedBannana Thank you all for the kind words and laughs you have given me, take care mates. Original Models and texturing was made by hand from Thrawn42689's JKA mod: massassi net/levels/files/3048.shtml Mesh tweaking, hud icons, VTM settings, name changes, Model and texture converting, And Rigging done bye Splinks
Version: 1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 12/12/11
Released: 12/12/11
Author: Splinks & Thrawn42689
Publisher: splinks
File: Velociraptors.vpk  
Size: 4.76MB
Very good mod, especially if you want to replay the whole game as dinosaurs xD
Change the model collision because this mod is still using the original one.
Super awesome mod, everyone should download this.
New names. Tail movement. Character texture and information 100% changed including the arms. Voice perfectly suits. Great feeling.
Still using original model collision. (This mean even if shot near the character and he doesn't have a part of is body there he will suffer from damage due to the original model collision.) No mouth movement or eye blinking. (Barely noticable.)
Just perfect for having a lot of lulz and they are very well made. Swearing velociraptors is not something you see everyday.
awsome team!!! love having raptor kick zombie butt lol XD u thought of everything, the hands, interaction with special infected, deaths, need help position, mug shots. u have definetly thought of everything ^^
mouths don't move but oh well, that ain't a major importants lol ^^
an awsome mod to play with, no glitchs as far as I can see. and I'v had some good laughs with my friends over these guys lol ^^ even took snapshots in the game and posted um on my deviantart site ^^ ever seen a bunch of raptors play wack-a-mole? I HAVE LOL ^^
-Looks great. -They hold the weapons perfectly. -No bugs at all (from what I can see)
-Mouths don't open when speaking (more of a suggestion if anything).
My favourite group mod to date. Real quality stuff here.
This is fantastic! It works beautifully! I love this mod!!!
The only thing I would change is substituting the survivors voices for dinosaur sounds
This is very well done mod. The weapons and peripherals sync up with the raptor skins perfectly. This is a definite keeper!
Last Updated: 12/12/11 Version: 1  (Complete) Views: 160,808
Can you do this for the CI?
Thanks, it works for co op too. Just drag the .vpk file on your addons folder .
whats the .vpk files?
The file inside the file you download off the website.
I Manual Installed it Copied the .vpk to my L4D 2 add-on directory then double clicked it.
Went in game checked if it was on then went in a solo campaign the skins didnt change. Dunno if i did anything wrong. Only mod i installed
DON'T double click it! It doesn't work that way. Only move it to addons folder.
it takes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long to download it is still .
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