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Patriarch created by Splinks.
Okay let me make this clear as day. Quit Nagging my inbox with this damn request or any request for that matter. The Patriarch's and the Tank's figures and skeletons are completely different, so that means the whole feel and animation of this mod will be weird. Also sense the Patriarch is thinner his hitbox will effect how his dead body lays on the floor, so he will slightly float. Also I'm still waiting for a better ripped model instead of having my noobish 3d model ripping skills, So in the meantime This will be Beta You pushed it so I rushed it.
Version: 1  (Beta)
Last Updated: 12/27/11
Released: 12/27/11
Author: Splinks
Publisher: splinks
File: TANK_Patriarch.vpk  
Size: 7.35MB
Last Updated: 12/27/11   Version: 1  (Beta)    
As if the claw, cloaking, machine gun, and rockets weren't bad enough. LOL
I already downloaded a common infected skin.Can i download this one to?
Of course you can...
I downloaded the mod, now how do i apply it to the game, i already checked the extras menu and the mod isn't showing up
you have to go to computer - OS:C - programfiles (x86) - steam - steamapps - common - l4d2 - l4d2 - addons then open the winrar files you have and drag them over to the addons list
I wanna know one thing about this tank mod,does it change the tank theme into the Patriarch theme?
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