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Horde of BaBies (sound) created by BrokenDahlia.
hilarious i want you to download it because its so amazing ahahaha. . . . . BABIES!! i added random screenshots because its a AUDIO get it!! okay enjoy! Replaces the normal sound of an oncoming horde with terrifying laughing babies. VIDEO ADDED JUST LISTEN TO IT
Version: 0.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 01/18/12
Released: 01/18/12
Author: BrokenDahlia
Publisher: monstergaga(l4d)
File: baby horde.vpk  
Size: 0.84MB
Tagged: Infected, Audio, music,
Last Updated: 01/18/12   Version: 0.1  (Complete)    
I dont hear it :( you should change it to all the sounds they make (giggling/crying/babbling) I really like this idea, baby sounds are more horrifying then the zombie sounds. make it happen! :D
@WolfSurvivor actually it works really fine when i heard incoming hordes i heard laughter of babies
maybe theres something wrong w/ your mod :(
I thought it was funny baby sounds but this is truly creepy...
Babies! :D
Oh god... YOU DIDNT REPLACE ALL THE FILES! Here's why: I was on a "Let's build 2012" map and the noises where the defaults. I was pretty sure it didn't work, until a zombie died and I heard a faint baby "Ouch" WHAT THE HECK? YOU JUST REPLACED ONE OF THE SOUND FILES? DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS, IT JUST REPLACES 1 DEATH FILE.
You should work on this to make ALL of the zombies make babies sound, not make them go "Ouch" on rare ocasouins.
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