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Multicam Tactical Zoey Body created by K1CHWA.
zoey wearing a tactical vest over multicam grab. made custom normal for vest depth. added fingerless gloves (like i did for my bill and ellis reskins) this only changes body, not head. please dont redistribute my custom textures/ original and make something on your own
Version: 2.2  (Complete)
Last Updated: 06/30/14
Released: 03/15/12
Author: K1CHWA
Publisher: k1chwa
File: zoey body_multicam tactical_l4d2.vpk  
Size: 5.02MB
Last Updated: 06/30/14   Version: 2.2  (Complete)    
-Apocalyptic concept -Original Zoey clothes but... -tactical (nice for the medkit attachement) and gloves -Nice fps and 3nd person
-You have not keep the original color of zoey clothes ..... -I'm not fan of militaries, and i prefer keep the original style of the survivor base ;) (here pink pull for zoey)
A really great concept of reskin for zoey but look cons ;) i use beta zoey nox its ok ;)
Higher quality More realistic Fits into the game's environments Only body for those who prefer their own head/hair/eyes Camouflage has authentic look and feel Gloves and vest were a nice addition
None at this time
Might seem biased giving a perfect score, but it's just a texture and not a map or campaign. K1chwa is one of the best texture artists here and one of the few worthy of perfect scores. I can't speak for anyone else, but I've never found any major flaws in any of his works. Like "MiztaEgg", this man knows how to make proper textures.
Can you make her wear a mini multicam skirt with a multicam tank top lowcut with multicam sneakers that will be great
i dunno...something's wrong, the mod working but the hands not..if someone know the solution of this problem tell me please (I Got This Problem In Every Zoey Skin...) Damn
Gloves look great, thanks for adding them to my other Zoey.
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