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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods IMI Galil Lam
IMI Galil Lam created by Xenecrite Xero Arby26.
Reviews (3)
IMI Galil remplacement Ak47 Model : Darkstorn, Twinke Masta UVMaps : flamshmizer Skin : [FL18]BlackJack Hack Compiling:Xenecrite Animation:Arby26
Version: 1.2  (Complete)
Last Updated: 05/31/12
Released: 05/31/12
Author: Xenecrite Xero Arby26
Publisher: Xenecrite
File: imi galil(ak47).vpk  
Size: 5.93MB
Tagged: Weapons, Weapons, Rifles,
REALLY LIKE THIS WEAPON! great alternative to the ak(which i like also) very well done mod...
nada single one!
another nice mod that gives l4d2 a different feel...
It's a Galil! Textuers are very good, outstanding even. Replaces the same old (awesome) AK47 with a more exotic and unique weapon.
Uses the same AK47 gunfire sounds Animation jumps a bit in the hands
I'm a huge fan of the Galil rifle series, and this was exactly what I was looking for. One thing I'll remark about, I won't deduct much for the "jumpy" animation because if you look at the magazine on the weapon, its obviously the 7.62x51mm NATO version of the rifle, which was known to be quite a handful due to its light weight for the caliber. It makes sense that it would kick some, as its the same round used in the G3/Military sniper rifle. My only real complaint is that it didn't get a new firing sound. Fantastic mod though.
- Good looking Texture & Model - No ammo store bugs
- Horrible & unfitting fire anim!
This is a good model. But the anims are just SHIT. The fie anim is just a little bit too heavy ...
Last Updated: 05/31/12 Version: 1.2  (Complete) Views: 21,949
gave ak model, gave m16 sounds :( pls fix
I quite like the look of this rifle, but since this was made to replace the M16 earlier (and was changed to replace the AK47), the sound is still replacing the sound of the M16, which is annoying. The sound isn't even that good to be honest, but it's even replacing the sound of the wrong gun, so this should be fixed.
I love this mod, the animations are great and I love this model, could you make the yellow part black?
Then it would be like Black Ops Galil :D I want that too
Yeah make it black dude just like in black ops.
I love this design i hope to see the Tavor on the horizon or a galil with black polymer furniture
im going to change sound if thats find with person who made it
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