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GameMaps Games Left 4 Dead 2 Mods [mL] Tank Brown

[mL] Tank Brown created by Crissans!!!.
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My first mod, ( [mL] Tank) Skin modification for tank (partial infection) Update: *Upgraded the partial infection texture to make the end of the infection look less sudden and have a degraded effect. *Corrected the 'normal' map, now the infected part reflects more light but the rest of the textures are the original ones from the original tank. *In the first VPK, the partial infection was 'black', now it has brown color. *Added a different tank for 'The Sacrifice' map, so you have the tank that appears in all maps, and a different tank that appears in 'The Sacrifice' map in the vpk. Logo by: astroplus Translation by: Shanny Skin mod by: Crissans
Version: 2.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 02/28/12
Released: 02/28/12
Author: Crissans!!!
Publisher: Crissans
File: [mL] Brown Tank.vpk  
Size: 7.84MB
Tagged: InfectedTank
Last Updated: 02/28/12 Version: 2.1  (Complete) Views: 43,416
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GameMaps Games Left 4 Dead 2 Mods [mL] Tank Brown