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Improved Stock HUD created by Lemmers.
This mod makes minor improvements to the stock L4D2 HUD while still keeping the artistic feel of the original. This is a survivor only HUD improvement for the moment. (Read the changelog for more details.)
Version: 1.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 03/03/12
Released: 03/03/12
Author: Lemmers
Publisher: Lemmers
File: lemmers-customhud.vpk  
Size: 0.03MB
Tagged: GUI, hud, idle,
Last Updated: 03/03/12   Version: 1.1  (Complete)    
There is shows my name
No creative.
This is just-so so,without Creative.
+ Loves the word IDLE whenever my teammate is AFK + Big and Clear + Shows my name
- No health counter
A very useful modified mod. Highly Recommended downloading if you have not done so.
Love being able to see my name, not sure why. Shows IDLE, making it easier to know if a team mate is idle or not without me looking at their name above the character.
Maybe add a health counter? That is.. whenever you have the time.
Very useful mod!
Okay, I might make another version of this with the team health counter enabled since I've had many requests for it. But as people have already mentioned, I'd have to shift the position of the IDLE message and probably edit the background blood splatter so the health numbers aren't overlapping it. But the current version of this (Vers.1.1) is exactly how I want it to look (as close to stock as possible), so if I do include the features that have been requested, it would be released in a separate mod. I'm not sure when I'd work on it either... I'm pretty tired of messing around with HUDs right now.
Well Lemmers, take your time dude making it and we will be waiting to see your works soon.
Just a suggestion, but maybe you could enable the health counter for teammates and shift the idle to sit above their portraits?
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