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Left4Pinball created by Ro1and.
**Update 1.2** A lot more went on at the Fairgrounds than we care to remember...
Version: 1.2  (Complete)
Last Updated: 03/17/12
Released: 03/17/12
Author: Ro1and
Publisher: ro1and
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: left4pinball.vpk  
Size: 3.38MB
Mode: Survival,
Environments: Fantasy / Arcade,
Last Updated: 03/17/12   Version: 1.2  (Complete)    
hi someone can help me itry to play it but on local the loading is stuck and crash
Is it bad I laughed when I saw this?
No, I did too, I've been looking for a map like this for ages...
Oh, and nice pic, dude.
i cannot play this help me pls :)
The flipper and med additions are great!

Glitches though: The pinboulders (that's what they look like to me) get stuck at the end of the platform and pile up in couples. Also, if a survivor is underneath the boulder for more than 5 seconds they die right away.
Yea I actually noticed a few more bugs throughout the map....will try and do one last update with everything fixed sometime soon. Thanks for the feedback.
- funny idea, with the balls making it more difficult - isnt a easy map, but i like challenges
- WAY too easy, my time was 23 minutes and 41 seconds (if you know "the trick"). - bots are useless against the balls - first ball kills the bots mostly of the times already.
nice map, but way too easy. 23 minutes and 41 seconds is a really long time for a survival map. If you dont believe my time, i got screenshots on my steam account.
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