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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Yuyuko (Coach)
Yuyuko (Coach) created by 1337gamer15/MMDFakewings18.
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Here's the one who replaced good old Hoovy. My freind told me she's a ghost, so does that mean she's a melting pot of freindship, but still gets trolled all the time, like being called a racist hambone, and poking fun at her granny? well she's back from the dead to help you.
Version: 1.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 03/02/12
Released: 03/02/12
Author: 1337gamer15/MMDFakewings18
Publisher: 1337gamer15
File: coach yuyuko.vpk  
Size: 3.66MB
Tagged: Survivors, Coach,
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Last Updated: 03/02/12 Version: 1.0  (Complete) Views: 8,059
I don't think it says anywhere how she got killed.
somehow this reply got separated from the main post...
Actually, it's not really specified how but on the touhou wiki it does say that her death was from suicide
I just read it...
I should read more about stuff before talking about them...
Gamer is asking me so much that i just HAD to open the wiki, haha XD
If you need someone for nick for vocalic 3 survivors. You can go on vocaliod wiki and see all the characters.
I can't send messages as my account is new, but is that Cirno for Gmod ready?
not yet, once i am clean slated, i will get to her
Ah ok.

Also Yuyuko VERY heavy eater...
then why isn't she a hambone?
She was killed in the real world then a Youkai who befriended her, Yukari, opened the borders of hell and released her...
Yuyuko now has no memory of her past life...
My freind says she killed herself, did she do so by sticking a deagle in her mouth and shooting? because that would be awsome
great work!keep it up!
Cool! She would fit very well with Youmu, and the katana weapon allways fit with Youmu. XD
I initially requested Youmu on Ellis, but the plans changed
Guess we're having touhou survivors 4 then.....cans.wmv
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