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Yuyuko (Coach) created by 1337gamer15/MMDFakewings18.
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So if she's a ghost, did she put a deagle in her mouth and shoot?
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Just patchouli after this
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She was a hard one to weight, like usual
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FPS Arms
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I tried and tried, but that skirt don't wanna look right
Here's the one who replaced good old Hoovy. My freind told me she's a ghost, so does that mean she's a melting pot of freindship, but still gets trolled all the time, like being called a racist hambone, and poking fun at her granny? well she's back from the dead to help you.
Version: 1.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 03/02/12
Released: 03/02/12
Author: 1337gamer15/MMDFakewings18
Publisher: 1337gamer15
File: coach yuyuko.vpk  
Size: 3.66MB
Tagged: SurvivorsCoach
Last Updated: 03/02/12 Version: 1.0  (Complete) Views: 9,334
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GameMaps Games Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Yuyuko (Coach)