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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods K-ON! Concert Posters [Updated]
K-ON! Concert Posters [Updated] created by FrosT2009.
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K-ON! Concert Map Posters! [Updated] Added HTT stickers on stage equipments as requested by leona. Still working on the posters. Thank you very much to the talented artists who made this very nice pics!
Version: 1.3  (Complete)
Last Updated: 03/23/12
Released: 03/23/12
Author: FrosT2009
Publisher: FrosT2009
File: k-on concert posters and stickers.vpk  
Size: 5.87MB
I downloaded the first but I like the logos on the stage equipment. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
What is funny is I just started watching the anime K-On! last night. Overall it is a really good mod, I would say this is the best mod you have made even though it is pretty easy to make and I have already made a Vocaloid one.
Last Updated: 03/23/12 Version: 1.3  (Complete) Views: 12,886
Can anyone properly explain how to create your own concert posters?! THANKS!!! :D
Awesome, if only my voice pack worked...
whr should i put tis file?
i like!! now my k-on mod finally complete... thanks
maybe try adding a boarder around them? idk if it will help much to look more like a picture but it might.
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