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Pit (Ellis)
By: 1337gamer15/Luigimario (101) Add-On: Mod
03/23/12 ========= No revision notes have been added by the developer.
03/23/12 Version: 1.0  (Complete) Size: 1.67MB File: ellis pit.vpk
Well seeing how kid icaurs uprising came out today, i thought 'sure why not?' Guess after 25 years (yeah that joke is overdone in that game) pit gets a technological upgrade, from bows to sniper rifles.

2 Ratings, 7 Comments
- It's Pit - Badass Model - Love the FPS arms
- None
I love this skin! totally downloading it! It looks awesome.
Could You Pls Make A Princess Peach For Rochelle Or Nick? Pls.
...S-S-S-...SO CUTE!!!! I must have it, now!!! ;D
jajja is PIT
This is amazing! :D
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