Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Left 4 Dead 2 : Urban special forces survivors
Tagged Survivors Survivor Packs urban sodliers.vpk
Updated: 03/25/12
a pretty cool urban camo survivor mod. its the special forces team i made hope you like! Show More
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Hello everybody. Today I bring you these avatars for your game.I hope you like. This is my first mod, and the first to get on this site. NOTE...
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Game Left 4 Dead 2
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This is Super VIP weapon from CrossFire Replaces M16 Enjoy! SmileGate - Model/Texture/Sound ClearSkyC - Animations zexalyuma - compiling
Author ClearSkyC/zexalyuma
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Peggy Carter: Wait! *Kisses Steve Rogers* Peggy Carter: Go get him. Steve Rogers: *Looks at Colonel Phillips* O_o Colonel Phillips: I'm no...
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Don't set him off. Replaces Francis with PAYDAY 2's rendition of John Wick. Includes: - First person arms - HUD icons - Eye movement - "Lig...
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Such a beauty, yet such a beast. Maibastu and Kimono's AK-12 Assault Rifle, with 4Echo's shaders and Jason9Jason's Suppressor; Replaces the AK...
Author Lt. Rocky
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A retexture of Doktor haus' SCAR-L+silencer+EOTech+AN/PEQ compilation. On this mod 1) The world model has the front grip removed 2) The view m...
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--Replacing the Chrome Shotgun-- --contains custom hud icon-- --Contains custom sounds. Uses Autoshotgun boltback/boltforward sound (it will...
Author BTB/IW/Sledgehammer Games/Activision
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--V2 released, lemme know what do u think about it. video still shows the v1 version-- --replacing the Spas-- --no custom sound/hud icon-- --u...
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Enin-Model Thanez-Textures A1-Porting/Compile arby26-Animation/Light Model,Texture miztaegg-Retexture/Normals/Shaders
Author Enin/Thanez/A1/arby26/miztaegg
Game Left 4 Dead 2
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This is a Jockey skin. I got this idea from The Resident Evil infected Pack coming out soon Hope you like it
Author AarynCageTheMtgGamer
Game Left 4 Dead 2
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-- replacing the pistol/dual pistols -- -- includes custom hud icon -- -- sound versions: between my and CyberMan 1011's mods -- I said I w...
Author BTB/IW/Act.
Game Left 4 Dead 2
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AK-47 which adopted CrossFire AK-47's gunfire & gunother sound,made in Russia! Now this AK-47 Elite continues my previous project "Dragon Lau...
Author Richard(Chan-1994-A)
Game Left 4 Dead 2
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