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RE Witch: Alexia Sound created by Richy221.
This is the music I used for my Resident evil outbreak witch sound mod. It only changes the background music before alerting the witch and after alerting her, it does not change her voice at all. I had some requests for this so I decided to upload it for you guys. Enjoy~ I did not create the music. All music in this mod is owned and made by CAPCOM To INSTALL THIS MOD: Place the vpk in your l4d2/l4d2/addons folder Do not click to install
Version: 1.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 04/13/12
Released: 04/13/12
Author: Richy221
Publisher: richy221
File: REAlexia.vpk  
Size: 106.52MB
Last Updated: 04/13/12   Version: 1.0  (Final)    
-Lullaby is fitting to the nature of the witch -Orchestral version when startled is epic and eerie enough for the witch -I start getting part of my attention snatched away when the witch is startled :D
-The lullaby version cuts off quite obviously -Most of the time the lullaby doesnt seem to play; only the startled music plays -Doesnt work for witches in Hard Rain
Despite some shortcomings, i don't think i'll ever get a different music mod, because i love orchestral pieces :)
I love this mod, but the clipping in the lullaby is so noticeable. Could you somehow please fix that?
-Great choices for the witch music. -The lullaby matches perfectly with her before she is startled -Makes it more tempting to startle her :3 -Startled witch + Music + Fire = an amazing game of death tag on Realism or Last Man on Earth
-Doesn't work for most of the witches in the Hard Rain campaign (Minor detail, but I was hoping to hear the themes more often in this campaign)
This will remain as my witch music for a very long time. This + Manix33's Alexia Ashford skin = nightmares... I am certainly going to be startling her a lot more than I used to ;D
I totally fell in love with this. Thanks!
-Me Gusta -Good Quality -Nice touch for a medieval map (Still cool on other maps too)
-None what so ever
Now, if you can replace other music with these kinds that would be greatly appreciated
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