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Flutterkatana created by Xolarinf.
There is already a Rarykatana so why not a Flutterkatana ? Comes with a custom sound, will say 'Yay' when slicing zombies for your enjoyment !
Version: 1  (Final)
Last Updated: 04/03/12
Released: 04/03/12
Author: Xolarinf
Publisher: Xolarinf
File: flutter-katana.vpk  
Size: 0.32MB
Last Updated: 04/03/12   Version: 1  (Final)    
Skin Texture
"Yay" Doesn't always play, either that or I can only hear the "louder" ones. If thats the case than he added variety in the Yay's lol
Good MLP skin for all you Pegasisters and Bronys
-Awesome katana -Fluttershy -Yay! sound -Cutie mark
-Just thought it could use a bit more brighter yellow color on the handle (no points taken off)
Awesome mod, keep up the good work!
I've encountered an issue when I installed your mod, Xolarinf: it seems like there's no sound of "yay" when I slice zombies. Has it been included in the mod or could it be a problem on my end? I've tried both download mirrors and disabled my other mods, btw.
Scratch that - I just discovered that the 'yay' sound is actually quite soft and with my already-low sound volume it can be difficult to hear. Seems like I've been missing it this whole time. So this mod works perfectly. Awesome!!
-MLP -Katana, best melee weapon -Ironic usage of meek Fluttershy and zombies -*yay* Sound upon zombie death *Squeee!*
None that I can see!
You rock, woohoo!
O... M... G... It says "Yay" this is the best Katana ever now. I'm a Big Twilight Fan but her Katana doesn't make her Teleport sound or anything so I'll probably play with this one if mainly because of the "Yay."
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