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Battlefield 3 M16A4 CQC V2 created by General Icarus.
The second version of my Battlefield 3-ish M16A4 CQC retexture. Includes a lighter tan finish, a better war-torn look, improved textures, more detail, improved normals, tweaked VMTs and better shaders. General Icarus-Retexture,VMT edits,normals Doktor Haus-Hacking,Compiling,Sounds K1CHWA-Material Edits Arby26-animations TwinkeMasta-M16 model,fullstock model,textures,normals SoulSlayer-RIS,plate normals Thanez-RIS, Plate textures antman311-RIS normals Jihad-plate normals Hellspike-ANPEQ model EMDG-ANPEQ textures TheNoid,Lain,Vunsunta,Vagrant-Sounds Mr.Brightside-normals,texture edits, carry handle rail model, textures, normals
Version: 1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 04/07/12
Released: 04/07/12
Author: General Icarus
Publisher: General Icarus
File: battlefield 3 m16a4 v2.vpk  
Size: 15.2MB
Tagged: Weapons, Rifles, m16,
Last Updated: 04/07/12   Version: 1  (Complete)    
At all possible to remove the sight and stick with the iron sights, and maybe add a warp down the stock?
the iron sight ruined the entire weapons....
Hi ^ ^ I just want to report a bug for the M16A2 mods in general and this bug was not corrected by valve. yes the famous bug that perhaps some one noticed or not XD. When francis or louis are stand up and take the M16A2, the loader isnt at it usual place, it should be under the hand like all weapons, but for louis and francis the loader of M16 is under their elbows. you could see it with the third person or if one of your mate has it. Then, I would like to know if someone know a mod for fix it or something else ? thanks.
-Nice tan color -Looks like an M16A4 -BATTLEFIELD!
-Red dot sight is ugly -Should have a wrap around the stock of the gun like in Battlefield 3
Not a bad gun, it's what I'm using currently.
-Very nice detail -Gives a real feel to the game -Looks epic -Battlefield 3!
-You can't aim down the sight (obviously)
A very well made weapon, I can hardly put down the weapon, let alone get distracted by it's beauty whilst killing zombies!
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