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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Luxury Death
Luxury Death created by Dr.Med.Wurst/Core.
Reviews (9)
Small detailed Villa with custom models, melee weapon, textures/skins and Jukebox music. M60 with 750 bullets and chainsaw x5 more fuel. (make sure you don't have other addons with script changes in your addon folder) You will find the power switch in the garage, event start radio can be found in the living room. Map needs a decent gaming pc to run smooth on high settings.
Version: 2  (Final)
Last Updated: 08/05/13
Released: 08/05/13
Author: Dr.Med.Wurst/Core
Publisher: Dr.Med.Wurst
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: luxurydeath.vpk  
Size: 141.73MB
Mode: Survival,
Environments: House / Structure,
Many details Fun to play
Lag sometimes but nothing bad
Best survival map ever! Really fun to play and many details added in map. I approve!
1) Extremely well detailed map. 2) Because of the creative use of lighting sound, even with the lights on, the house still seems a little bit gloomy and desolate. 3) An adequate number of supplies scattered throughout the house. 4) Some secret hidden areas to explore when you turn the lights on. 5) A good number of places to "camp" in when the shooting starts.
1) You might spend all of your time exploring the map and not killing zombies.
**NOTE** If you have any other mods/maps etc installed you WILL get a “ Server is enforcing consistency for this file: scripts/weapon_rifle_m60.txt ** BUT! ** There is an easy fix.. just move all your .vpk files and everything else to another directory or delete them. Anyway.. There are *so* many custom textures in this map everything from artwork on the walls, pictures on shelves, the music in the jukebox and some .. peculiar... images that appear on the video screens once you turn the lights on and get going.. It's quite obvious that the author put a great amount of effort into making this map. I don't give 10/10 very often but this one definitely got the “Solaris Stamp of Approval”. TL;DR? Looking for GREAT survival map? Look no further. This is the only one you need. Please feel free to check out my full review and some gameplay at:
+ Nice Villa design + Nice Snooker Table + Nice Cue + Adequate amount of supplies + Nice TV with sense of humor + Custom Jukebox Music + Bots Navigation
This villa is very special plus with a great seaview, if this is in my country at least cost $10-30 millions for this type of design but back to topic, I love the TV where I can switch it on and saw the woman with her ass sitting down directly on the man's face and can't stop laughing but for the bots hard to team with them cos everytime they bound to sabotage me. Overall for this map : Best
-Entering every room was a pleasant surprise -Had some great humor in the style -The house itself was well designed and interesting to maneuver throughout -Had some nice extra items to press -Fair amount of survival items -The size of the map felt right and AI moved through it without problems
-Some rather weird viewings on the TV screens
Fantastic map, where everything in it performed well. Turning on the power before hand was an interesting addition and everytime you enter a differing room it feels special. Had some great humor within it and AI performed well, give it a try!
- All the custom add-on content, from the models, to the textures all correctly showed within the map. - The actual addition of all this custom content really helped make the map feel like something different; it is something different, I've never survived in 'luxury' before, aha. Even the custom melee weapon skins and jukebox tunes! I saw on the chart stand the hammer image of the overall map, pretty impressive! - Custom melee weapon? Mad nice! If only it didn't float around, aha. - I thought the size of the map was pretty average, not too small, not to big. Having the map take place throughout different levels (floors) really added to variety. - I had to create a separate line just to say how much I loved the ocean view, I mean I thought there could have been more of a shore, but overall it was quite a sight! - Overall, I would have to say there's more than enough supplies to last you in this map, you won't even know what to do with it all:S - The lighting in the map was put together very well, I actually enjoyed exploring both before and after I was able to turn the power on. - I thought the map was pretty well detailed, I'm not too familiar with expensive environments like disss, but it felt nice:3 - The navigation mesh was pretty flawless, overall I didn't notice any issues with the bots or the infected. - I found the safe room, aha, you would expect such a fancy place to have a hide out like that.
- It was a bit difficult to figure out where to turn the power on, and even then where to call for the hoard. - Sometimes it would be hard to pass through the wardrobe room, you would get stuck on the little bench. - Not really a con but, no turrets? They have to be able to afford them:v
- I can honestly say I enjoyed this map far more then I thought; it looked visually appearing on the website here, but I had some doubts. I even found this map to be even more difficult than I though, your packed into such tiny spaces sometimes, but it adds to the fun, and puts good use to that broken pool cue, aha. I would recommend this map to everyone, it will require quite a bit of teamwork and more importantly, it's a different experience, and a fun one at that.
Last Updated: 08/05/13 Version: 2  (Final) Views: 111,618
excuse me guys.. but what is the name of this map in the console button?
map something........
map_villa bla bla bla i guess...
I prefer versus
I remember messing with this map in Gmod. Great job done here. >_
thx its so freakin awesome
The couch in the living room is badass. This is a great map with great architecture and the models you made are amazing. Can you release some things for prefabs like the couch. But if you don't i understand.

Great Job!
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