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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods This Is Spinal Tap Nigel Zoey
This Is Spinal Tap Nigel Zoey created by arby26/miztaegg.
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Okay this time Zoey goes to eleven! Originally known as Poison Zoey but she loves Nigel more, cause he's one louder. The prints, the neon necklaces and the stockings glow in the dark. Hair color is a tribute to Nigel Tufnel (kind of).
Version: 11  (Complete)
Last Updated: 04/10/12
Released: 04/10/12
Author: arby26/miztaegg
Publisher: miztaegg
File: spinaltap_nigel_zoey.vpk  
Size: 17.59MB
Tagged: Survivors, Zoey, miztaegg,
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Last Updated: 04/10/12 Version: 11  (Complete) Views: 18,040
yes there is...
if theres no fps arm you must have a fix for the arm or something it won't show a fps arm if you have any arm fixes such as the l4d1 arms or anything else so make sure they are all un-ticked or remove them from your addons folder
i must ask how you got this to glow.....or atleast if it is in the model...or in the material?
well now i cant say i cant see zoey in the dark.
Okay hope it won't be removed this time..
Why it was removed before? Personally I don't like Teen Angst, but I can't refuse that this is a very nice skin.
I Like tooo much Teen Angst, thanks, thanks, thanks.... thanks a lot!!!!! for this amaizing Zoey skins!!!!
And wow that's a fast video upload, with only 4 downloaded.. thanks.
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