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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods RE Special Infected Sounds
RE Special Infected Sounds created by DS TORQUE.
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Replaces the attack sounds of the special infected to resident evil music. This doesn't include the witch or tank.
Version: 1.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 07/23/12
Released: 07/23/12
Publisher: DSTORQUE
File: respecialinfected.vpk  
Size: 29.37MB
Tagged: Infected, Audio, Audio,
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Last Updated: 07/23/12 Version: 1.1  (Complete) Views: 17,471
Error: "name of file" is not valid Source engine add-on. Installation failed.
What can I do?
Copy or extract in steam/steamapps/common/left4dead2/left4dead2/addons .vpk file!Try it!
Searches WITCH MUSIC hoping to find a witch music.

Finds this mod sandwiched inbetween two dumb pony witch music mods.

What has this world become?
I know. I still don't understand why a gory zombie action game is filled with so many my little pony mods. I just don't see why you'd want those in such horror based game. Anyways, I do have a Witch Mod attached above and there are other great ones out there too so keep looking and try not to click on a pony mod :P.
I have no idea why you would want to pretty up a game like this with ponies, I try to make the game darker and more terrifying. That's how a horror game should be.
Freaking awesome, do you think it would be possible if i used this in our RE Memories of the lost City Campaign?, i will of course fully credit you for it.
Sure. I don't see a problem with you using my mod. After all I did post it to a free website :P. Thank you for enjoying my mod!
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