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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods SCAR-L ImBrokeRU's anims

SCAR-L ImBrokeRU's anims created by Doktor haus.
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This time, I release End of Days' model on ImBrokeRU/Youpala's animations. They have been re-rigged by the talented arby26, who also added melee, posing and other anims. The base version features a two-tone black and tan finish, raised ironsights, a MagPul magazine attachment and a picatinny rail-mounted AN/PEQ-2 for the flashlight/laser attachments. Optional features include sounds, alternate black or tan skins, a vertgrip, ACOG or EOTech sights, each with the ironsights lowered. You can customize your own version by following the external link. You must manually install the alternate skins; If I included all the configurations, there would be, like, 18 VPKs.
Version: 1.1  (Final)
Last Updated: 06/21/12
Released: 06/21/12
Author: Doktor haus
Publisher: Doktor Haus
File: scar-l vertgrip.vpk  
Size: 11.41MB
Tagged: Weapons, Rifles, scar, tactical,
Last Updated: 06/21/12 Version: 1.1  (Final) Views: 64,789
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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods SCAR-L ImBrokeRU's anims