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Private Game Enabler (Invite Only) created by Rayman1103.
Allows you to change the Permissions to Private Game, only invited players can join your game. Note: Players can still connect to your game via the Steam Overlay. (Unfortunately I can't change that)
Version: 1.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 04/21/12
Released: 04/21/12
Author: Rayman1103
Publisher: Rayman1103
File: private game enabler.vpk  
Size: 0.01MB
Game: Left 4 Dead, L4D
Tagged: Scripts,
Last Updated: 04/21/12   Version: 1.0  (Final)    
I went to download it, but it keeps telling me that it won't work and that I probably already have it downloaded and such. Any idea how I can fix that?
Fantastic idea and mod, this'll keep all my annoying friends away from my game >:D.
Any chance you could enable it so I can play Singleplayer But it lets people join me?
I don't think that's possible.
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