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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Battlefield Play For Free Weapons Sound Pack
Battlefield Play For Free Weapons Sound Pack created by EA Games, MrSaint1023, Miko101.
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This weapons sound pack exclusively has sounds weapons from Battlefield Play for Free that were gathered by MrSaint1023 and prepared by myself for your use in L4D2. No Battlefield 3 stuff in this one. You'll enjoy the same high quality as in the mix pack. BC2 Minigun and Vietnam Grenade launchers are still here though.
Version: 1.2  (Final)
Last Updated: 06/22/12
Released: 06/22/12
Author: EA Games, MrSaint1023, Miko101
Publisher: Miko101
File: Battlefield PFF Weapon Sounds Pack.vpk  
Size: 7.1MB
Tagged: Audio, Weapon,
Epics sounds ! realistics sounds ! Battlefield sounds!
Grenade launcher is pretty weird
I downloaded it , it's awesome .
Some of the best sounds I've heard for this game. Period.
Superb sound pack - sounds are meaty and have good realistic echo to them - I've yet to find a sound pack better - thanks for this MrSaint & Co!
Last Updated: 06/22/12 Version: 1.2  (Final) Views: 11,236
There's a weird "click click" sound after the end of each audio file during gameplay. And yes, I removed every possible audio folder from each weapons VPK. I'm going to fix it with Audacity...
So far the best weapon-sound mod. You really did a great job, but... can you, please, change the pistols (when you use two pistols) so they will sound the same?
Lol I agree with the weird sound that granade launcher produces. It's like the sound of farting my grandma usually does XD
I can toss out the grenade launcher sound in efforts to find a new one sometime.
Only thing is. Thumpers and Bloopers do actually have that sort of thunk to it. Its going to be hard to replace.
I only need assault rifle sound and scar l sound.Can you post them separately please?
Quick comment here. If you guys dont like the new silenced SMG. Let me know and ill change it back. Its not exactly new per say but i think it fits it better.
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