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Urban FN-P90 created by darkshadow/arby26.
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this is just a skin i thought we be cool so i made it i might not release it soon i dont know ****READ CATALOG OR MY COMMENT DOWN BELLOW****
Version: 0.1  (Final)
Last Updated: 04/30/12
Released: 04/30/12
Author: darkshadow/arby26
Publisher: darkshadow
File: urban p90.vpk  
Size: 5.07MB
Tagged: Weapons, SMG, urban, p90,
p90 uses arby26's animations sounds awesome with the bf3 soundpack nice camo finally a good replacement for the silenced smg
what cons
a very cool replacement for the silenced smg i think this is gonna be my new primary from now one
Last Updated: 04/30/12   Version: 0.1  (Final)    
Question, the laser sight and the light on 3rd person are fixed?
This is a work of art and a fine weapon. One of my favorites... if I may be so bold.
One of the best replacements for a SMG ive ever seen/used :)
Oh no! What are we ever going to do without your shitty two-minute overlays?
maybe you can fix it with a better color or post arbies dual glock mod into this site!
Don't have to act all smug over there Haus. Your mods may be good but they are not as perfect as you think they are. Remember that.
i really hate to sound ignorant but what strike thing is going on? i haven't focused on comment or the community
Check out Splinks Chief mod.
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