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PAYDAY: The Heist Survivors (L4D2 Survivors, Single Player)
06/11/12 ========= First public release. Talker details: - As Wolf replaces Rochelle, Rochelle is muted, with some important callouts (BOOMER!, Help!, I'm down!, Look out!, etc.) replaced with equivalent Francis lines. - Coach, Nick and Ellis won't refer to Wolf as Rochelle - Some extra lines added for weapon pickups The models have a handful of issues that I am aware of, and am not sure how to fix: Fireaxe/baseball bat bug Their left hands are a bit messed up Their ties clip into their bodies at times Their necks will move oddly and clip through their bodies when they do certain fidgeting animations Knees and feet look weird sometimes, usually when crouching Wolf's medkit clips into his back First person arms may look bad at times I'd appreciate help with these problems, especially the fireaxe bug. I'm using Blender, by the way. Also, in case anybody doesn't believe me, I can prove that I made this mod first. Check the dates on these screenshots:
06/11/12 Version: 1.0  (Complete) Size: 26.94MB File: payday_survivors_l4d2_single_player.vpk
I saw somebody else uploaded these guys, so I figured I may as well release the version I made a few months ago. Includes first person arms, all HUD icons, name changes, unique suits and ties, and talker changes (details in change log). THIS VERSION WILL ONLY WORK PROPERLY IN SINGLE PLAYER AND ON LOCAL SERVERS HOSTED BY SOMEBODY WHO HAS THE MOD INSTALLED. Anybody in that server who doesn't have the mod installed will see the survivors they would normally see (default or otherwise) but with broken animations.

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I doesn't seem to work for me, is there a solution to this? Because both multiplayer and singleplayer doesn't work. Please help me
For me they don't have custom voices like it says. Is it meant to be that way, because I noticed they replaced Rochelle's voice with francis.
Is there anything else you need installed for this mod to work?
by the way excelent work
hey mate can i use this skins in all different servers, modes etc....
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