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Rochelle replaces Louis (two girls on the team) created by Bilmando.
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This mod replaces Louis on Rochelle. There is a voice and facial expressions.
Version: 1.0  (Beta)
Last Updated: 06/23/12
Released: 06/23/12
Author: Bilmando
Publisher: Bilmando
File: louis-rochelle replace.vpk  
Size: 1.73MB
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Last Updated: 06/23/12   Version: 1.0  (Beta)    
Thank You , I love Rochelle and Zoey , i really hated louis im sorry :/ but Rochelle Sound like Louis if you fix that will cool :) GREAT MOD BTW
I somehow replacing Zoe Rochelle at a blank space with a backpack and weapon. Yes, it is written that there is Zoe, but it is invisible. How to make it visible?
That is not the replacement, and generally adding Zoe gives a blank space. However, in other cases, where the characters are replaced with one another, they are also invisible.
She still has Louis voice. Any idea how to fix? I don't have any other mod for Louis.
Im not sure if this mod is broken or somthing went wrong in the download, caz all Im also geting is a invisable character.
I'm getting an invisible character, a kind of ghost, only weapons and bombs are displayed
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