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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Halls of Death
Halls of Death created by Roflmahwafflz.
Reviews (7)
A new death run with innovative traps and a nasty horde to boot. Run through a trap filled facility with anything from crushers and rock drops to lava pits and death falls. You can race your friends or play through with them. Impede their actions by blowing up a bridge on them or in front of them!!! See changelog for errors, credits, changes, and other notes.
Version: 1.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 10/06/12
Released: 10/06/12
Author: Roflmahwafflz
Publisher: Roflmahwafflz
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: hallsofdeathv2.vpk  
Size: 3.72MB
Mode: Co-Op, Versus,
dont know what i was thinking 1st of all this was amazing coop died alot
sorry for the troll review m8 i hope we can be bygones be bygones i would love to see wonders with your lil brain
1.) Absolute Chaos on Hard Eight. Almost next to impossible without four people but even with four players, it gets nuts. The Lava Ledge run is brutal and absolutely unforgiving. 2) Broken up into sections for preparation. 3) Without four players on anything with 6+ specials, it's next to impossible. Doable but tons of pressure from all sides and the slightest mishap kills ya.
1. ) Should be two parts of the map for those who up the difficulty into double the fun! -1 2.) The Lava Ledges are extremely difficult with multiple smokers and jockeys but, regardless, it is extremely intense.
A very enjoyable map with a lot of death spots. Chargers and tanks aren't too much of a problem here as much are the deadliness of a smoker and the chaos a jockey can bring. I would like to see your Rending Halls map; a suggestion! If you broke it up into two maps, as a death map, it'd become a group favorite.
Nice castle run like environment Nice events like a path of falling rocks Intense Traps! We need more maps with traps like this Replay able due to a few multiple paths The massive inconvenience of the tank in the lava areaXD LOVE IT
Bots are useless and die at every turn After bots are down special infected can destroy you at will A few bugs that can be fixed Needs more traps Too short Needs lord of the rings music to run along with
Overall a good map just needs a little more tweaking and finishing polishes
- very original and fun - highly challenging, we had 9 restarts before we beat it - good amount of throwables - ammo / guns at good intervals
- no stats (known issue, but still very sad) - too short, needs another few maps! - the ending was a bit too insanely difficult, mostly the transition between the fiery halls and rescue area
- bots are retarded (nothing the author can do) - interesting choice that there are no defibs, and with the difficulty, that means that if people die too quickly you will have to suicide / start over - definitely a great map, please make more!
Best map ever, challenging.
impossible solo. Hard with 1 friend.
must make another, with respawn closets
Last Updated: 10/06/12 Version: 1.1  (Complete) Views: 74,728
look's BIG error man
Halls = Plural. So why is this one map? Can't count?
if it had a survival mode, i would down load it
Wait a minute?... How on earth did this pass under my radar?... well well well... I think it is about time I fixed that...
hay dawg, here's go
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