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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Urik HUD Blue Vertical
Urik HUD Blue Vertical created by Urik_Kane.
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-v3.11: fixed missing texture as pointed by Chewaz This version was renamed to blue now, so you might need to delete the old vpk' Unified non-addon server crash fix is in youtube video description.
Version: 3.11  (Complete)
Last Updated: 01/28/13
Released: 01/28/13
Author: Urik_Kane
Publisher: Urik
File: urik hud blue vertical.vpk  
Size: 3.83MB
Tagged: GUI, hud,
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Last Updated: 01/28/13 Version: 3.11  (Complete) Views: < 500
Looks great this hud. thanks mate. however I have a small problem with mine.
the survivor health bars on the lower left is way down the screen so basically I cant see it. Is there a fix for this or did I miss something?
I tried changing resolutions but that didnt fix it.
the blue icons works with every mod of every survivor?
Urik. i like your mods and another :)
i'm using urik hud vertical.
i want enable "down" status label on incapped teammate panel.
but not found "0"//show_tm_downlabel line. vertical hud in not use?
i want custom crosshair.
i'm replace all "0"//enable_cc with "1"//enable_cc
but crosshair image purple square

can you help me?
I've included Zeon's implementation of custom crosshair.
I can only guarantee that it will work with his crosshairs, but if other people make crosshairs based on same scheme:

You can download Zeon's crosshair if you google "zeonart crosshair", first result takes you there.
It is not important if zeon's crosshair .vpk will be above or below urik hud.vpk in addonlist.

As for down status, it is ALREADY enabled in vertical hud, look at screenshot #1, rochelle is "DOWN".
The instructions to enable are for non-vertical version of hud. I'll remove it from description here
i sent you a message.
checking for your Msg.
thank you :)
I try opening the vpk with Notepad++ to edit some features, but all I see is a bunch of NUL and no place to change the 1s to 0s next to each of the change options. Any idea what i'm doign wrong? :x
Nevermind. Figured it out XP
can i use it in solo mode ? or only in multi mode
yes why would it matter
lol i just play more alone than online ,i like kick zombie ass alone in the dark of my home ^^
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