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Contagion created by Light Soul Blue.
Which will swallow you first: the hordes or the darkness? Will you bite the bullet or submit to the contagion? These questions, and perhaps some answers, will be answered between 2 subway stations; each with a story to tell. Survive or submit. Features: -Drivable train with mounted gun that goes between two stations -Dark, creepy atmosphere -Lots of different defensive positions and other subtlety accessible areas Reviews always appreciated!!
Version: 1.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 07/12/14
Released: 12/29/12
Author: Light Soul Blue
Publisher: litesoulblue
Maps: 1
Map Size: Large
Max Players: Not Specified
Size: 15.74MB
Mode: Survival,
Last Updated: 07/12/14   Version: 1.1  (Complete)    
Thanks for the feedback guys. Markangelo, are there areas that you thought were too dark? I'm glad you appreciate the dark tone. Vladislak, I have been trying for ages to get that ladder to work >_< short of making stairs, I feel it will have to stay this way, as enemies will use the ladder perfectly. o_O
very dark but still fun to play..
Good stuff! I enjoyed it thoroughly, my only beef is that sometimes the bots get stuck at the top of the manhole and refuse to move. Other than that it's great!
Thank you for the FIRST review! I don't understand why I've got 1,447 downloads and only one review, but I'll take it =P It's supposed to be easy to get gold, because you'll certainly run out of ammo on the train even with 4 people. Anything else that you would have liked to see changed?
Dark classic L4D Good infected spawns Challenging for both runners and campers And a TRAIN!
the Train made it a little easy to get Gold, and the SI couldn't get on.
Currently my favorite survival map! Thank you very much.
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