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yellow pages phone book HD created by ferretsshadow.
just something to go with all the realism hd stuff coming out lately
Version: 1.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 07/21/12
Released: 07/21/12
Author: ferretsshadow
Publisher: ferretsshadow
File: phonebook.vpk  
Size: 0.81MB
Last Updated: 07/21/12   Version: 1.1  (Complete)    
Awesome. Saw it in one campaign but glad you pay attention to detail.
Please keep up the HD work on prop items man!
nice more adds but you should write about it in the name of the mod for excample yellow pages phone book HD and more
i will retexture this table XD
cool I was about to work on that... guess I'll move on to the soap, toothpaste, etc.
you already found the texture ??? of the table ?
not yet I was about to go looking for it before your message
seems like there are 2 phonebook textures because it dint changed the phonebook on the dead center rooftop of the hotel or that one you can find in the second lvl inside the saveroom of the dead center campain.

from which lvl you tooked your screenshot ???
does it change the phoonebook you can find in the dead center campain for you ???
I put the phonebook into the tutorial stages and compiled it, because I thought there was only one. I'll check to see if there's another one
okay through hammer there appears to be only one...

I'm compiling a map right now so I can't check to see if it'll appear on those stages yet, but will do when it's done
yeah it worked just fine for me, I even added more pics to prove it... so where you able to fix it
found the fault i already had this file unmoded in one of my vpks works fine
ps if you want to do some more reskins i already searched and saved the textures which could be improved if you want i can upload it so you dont have to search for it in the pack01 dir XD
ps add an addoninfo.txd or it possible wont work for some people !
damn I must of accidently saved it somewhere else
and yeah that would helpful
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