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Juliet (Rochelle), for Urik HUD
By: Splinks, Mr.Lanky, Urik (56) Add-On: Mod
first off, this vpk should have be above any Avatar pack and Urik HUD in ADDONLIST.TXT To change lobby avatar to Splinks' version, replace urik___"//lobbyavatartype with splinks"//lobbyavatartype To change HUD avatar to transparent version, replace urik_be"//avatartype with urik_tr"//avatartype To change HUD avatar to Splinks' version, replace urik_be"//avatartype with splinks"//avatartype To change incap panel image to classical Valve style, replace urik"//incaptype with orig"//incaptype
07/20/12 Version: 1  (Complete) Size: 8.15MB File: rochelle_juliet.vpk
Can be used with Urik HUD or without Must be above Urik HUD in addonlist, or any other avatar / hud mods. For info on how to change icons via notepad++ editing, see changelog.

2 Ratings, 9 Comments
How did you make this skin work. All other skins work fine but not this one
-I like the detail. -Nice pictures.
This was a very fast review: -None
My Summary of this Mod: It's very simple but adds much detail to the game.
"You Guys are alright! " :D
Can you make a version with nick's head for coach and a mod for nick to nick?
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