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Barry Burton (w/ FPS arms) created by Dean.
This a model I found sometime ago, I dont remember who exactly made it, it does come with fps arms and mouth and eye movement, the model is from from the re5 gold dlc.
Version: 1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 08/06/12
Released: 08/06/12
Author: Dean
Publisher: frankwest
File: burton.vpk  
Size: 9.26MB
Last Updated: 08/06/12   Version: 1  (Complete)    
The mod is even better if you use the S&W M29 Mod guys :)
Great job! :D
Men, I Want To Know How To Change The Fonts of L4D2... If You Can Help Me Send me A Msg.
(Image 4 and 5 The Coach font Looks Good)
dean could you port this to Francis/L4D2 it would be so bad ass if you could
-Barry Burton, he needs his own game! -Uniform is spot-on and very well detailed -Has his own icon and incap'd artwork -Coach seems the most suitable to use -Has a first-person arm modeling -Lips and eye movement
-Doesn't use magnum as bot, since he's Coach -A bit "shiny" looking in certain lighting areas -Doesn't hold all melee weapons correctly/glitch -No nameplate
The only 2 real points I deduct are for the nameplate and melee weapon glitch. Otherwise this is a really great-looking and accurate mod! Seeing real facial animations is a refreshing experience which sets it apart from the other "doll-faced" Resident Evil character mods. I think it's probably the most detailed RE mod I've used to date. The melee glitch I'm talking about happens whether if it's a bot with the Improved Bots mod, or if a friend is playing as him. Basically what happens is, it's like he's holding onto nothing, while the melee weapon floats under him, between his legs. It's happened mostly with the axe- I haven't seen him use much else melee weapons but I'm guessing it might happen with most, if not all of them. With all the other details this used, the nameplate was a small, yet noticeable little letdown, bu I think obviously the model itself is the more important part. And I think using Coach as the replacement was the best call, even if he doesn't use a magnum. I recommend this to any RE fan!
Nice work! My RE team is slowly coming to a close.
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