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Merle Dixon for Francis created by Shawn.Savard.
Eh. Since some squid decided to put this here before I did, I thought I might as well officially release it here with some decent renders. Props to K1CHIWA for letting me know about the dupe.
Version: 1.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 08/16/12
Released: 08/16/12
Author: Shawn.Savard
Publisher: Geoff Portnoy
File: merle dixon for francis.vpk  
Size: 10.72MB
Last Updated: 08/16/12   Version: 1.0  (Final)    
lol you did merle, can you do rick replacing nick? or michonne replacing rochelle? or daryl replacing someone? or glenn replacing ellis? please? it was very cool
once Survival instinct comes out, you could use the Daryl and Merle models on there and release them on here.
I think that Splinks actually said he was working on Daryl and Merle using the models from Survival Instinct, so it could be here pretty soon (or atleast I hope).
lol... I guess this takes place before he loses his hand.
There needs to be more walking dead mods. Seriously. Someone make a Rick and Shane model. And somebody finish that campaign!!!
1st mod from The Walking Dead.. :)
But the map!!! :((((
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