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L4D2 Badass weapons sound created by Vince Lionheart\Andy.
Updated to version 2. Fixed most weapons firing sound and those in gunother folder. Also, adds bullet drop sound to most firing weapons, thanks to Andy for helping out. Incendiary ammo is still not available because it ain't easy to make one and got people complain about the incendiary sound is louder than normal firing sound, etc etc. Hope you enjoy this updated version and thanks for downloading. Also, this will be final no more updates/changes etc for some months.
Version: 2.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 09/03/12
Released: 09/03/12
Author: Vince Lionheart\Andy
Publisher: Vince Lionheart
File: badass_weapons_sound.vpk  
Size: 17.56MB
Tagged: Audio, Weapon,
Last Updated: 09/03/12   Version: 2.0  (Final)    
Come on! Dude, "Can't use weapon replacers mods and other things" is not even a con or bug. You can unzip the vpk file yourself.
Was thinking on updating this sound pack to much better ones. But seeing there are tons of weapon sound mods already, I don't think it's necessary. If anyone else still wants me to update this sound pack, leave a comment.
vin, the only thing inside the VPK are sounds. Any guns and such you see in the video aren't part of this mod.
yeah it sounds nice but
Can't use weapon replacers mods and other things which really sucks
Let me know when that is fixed...then ill download it
-Totally HQ Sounds -Realistic -All Gun Weapon Sounds Changed
-AK gunfire sound is way too loud if you use headphones -SMG sounds like an Assault Rifle or Rifle -Silenced SMG sounds like a toygun..
It's an awesome mod, Just ignoring the Cons it will make it one of the best sound mods created so far If the AK-SMG-SilencedSMG ever get fixed this will be the best of the bests.
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