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Let's Build a Plane [END] created by FrenchDeath.
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Let's Build a Plane , is Following of the map Let's Build a car
Version: 0.1  (Alpha)
Last Updated: 10/26/12
Released: 10/26/12
Author: FrenchDeath
Publisher: FrenchDeath
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: lbap.vpk  
Size: 4.8MB
Mode: Co-Op,
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Last Updated: 10/26/12   Version: 0.1  (Alpha)    
crashed computer, loss of files...
? with 2 and 3TB mechanical hard drive (hd) like a hundred dollars supprised one does not have 2 or 3 extra sata 6GB/s hd for backups, especialy when it otherwise will take weeks to find and reinstall programs, when the system hd fails. Beter yet, keep non OS programs on one of those extra hd so a reinstall of OS on the main hd does not wipe everything, and use a 250 - 512GB ssd for OS only system-main hd.
That way one can back up system files to one partition of the backup hd, and other important files on a second partition.
anyways i not gonna finish this map , i have new project for now
french this map is really messed up how are you supose to build a plaine when there are no icons to show you where to go to build also can you please fix the gun box because it will only allow you to search up to the chrome shotgun and the crowbar and also what is the door at the back of the room used for because i cant figure out how to open it
it crashed my server bad map
French have you tried redownloading your own file, upacking the vpk, then decompiling the bsp to get your files back (albeit outdated it still gives you something)
when i get time , but then , i lost most of 20 hours of work
20 hours? Shame. Not even a day
is the missing tex on the map or just you?
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