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Up In Flames created by Cyreides.
'The survivors are holding out in an abandoned building with a few other uninfected. A fire breaks out, forcing them out the back of the building and away from the others, and also into the waiting hordes ambush. They're swarmed and barely make it out alive. Now alone and out in the open, they desperately start searching for safety and a way out of the city.' (If anyone wants the full size (1366x768) campaign poster as like, a wallpaper or something, just lemme know and I'll link it to you) READ THE CHANGELOG PLEASE. ALSO NOTE THAT THIS IS INCOMPLETE. IT'S IN BETA SO PEOPLE CAN PLAY IT AS I BUILD IT.
Version: 0.12  (Alpha)
Last Updated: 11/09/12
Released: 11/09/12
Author: Cyreides
Publisher: Cyreides
Maps: 1/2
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: upinflames.vpk  
Size: 21.75MB
Mode: Co-Op, Campaign,
Last Updated: 11/09/12   Version: 0.12  (Alpha)    
is this project still in development or dead?
Yeah... would be interesting :D
Dead, sorry. I lost the files from the new version I was working on and all the old versions.
is it only gonna be two chapters when it's done?
Yes, only two maps.
14 updates and you're still stuck on one map?
I'm sorry that 2 months after starting my very first project with hammer ever and working tirelessly all by myself that it's not quite done enough for you yet.
Well I appreciate your work. :)
I am very impress on the progress with your level's. I have been following since you started "Up In Flames". please continue on building more level's on this campaign. Take care. Richard and Jonathan Bowden
Noticed this note in the change log:

"the issue regarding the director spawning it's own tanks/witches"

That's not really an "issue", is it? That's what the director is supposed to do.

Or would you prefer to script your own?

I know you can do that, but not sure how much "control" you have over the director.

Usually it's the director's job to control spawning of stuff, including the zombies.
It's only an issue because I have my own tank and witch setup to spawn where I want (and the tank is for an event, witch could get moved/deleted eventually), however, the director is still spawning it's own on top of that (which is unneeded).
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