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Infinite ammo M60 created by samuca202.
M60 with infinite ammo! *Don't blow up the zombies in dozens of pieces, but is still the M60.
Version: 0.1  (Beta)
Last Updated: 09/05/12
Released: 09/05/12
Author: samuca202
Publisher: samuca202
File: m60 infinite ammo.vpk  
Size: 0MB
Tagged: Scripts, gameplay,
Last Updated: 09/05/12   Version: 0.1  (Beta)    
Is it infinite clips or infinite ammo? i'm just asking because i have a M60 Reload mod installed.
oh btw its the same with all of the versons of this mod for:smg/assult/sniper/and m60
ok i install it in addons and yet ehrn i play the stupid game IT DOESN'T GIVE EITHER UNLIMITED CLIPS OR BOTTOMLESS CLIP WTF AM I DOING WRONG???
can someone help me please? where i can find m60? in my l4d2 i don't know how to get m60... please tell me!
its in the passing
It only appears in "The Passing" campaign, but if you like to get it "easily" then the only other option is through the cheats in Single Player mode.
well, can you make the reloading slower?
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