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BLU FLAME Desert Eagle created by Nickolas Woods / K1CHWA / JollyJackel.
This is my very first Desert Eagle skin, a skin of which i am very pleased with and i couldn't have done it without the help of the other two authors, K1CHWA and JollyJackel. Thank you Jolly for your instructions on the glow effects (though the final version does not contain them) and thank you K1CHWA for your huge amount of help and permission to go off on the concept of PSHYCHOTIC12 Desert Eagle. L4DMaps; you got a new skinner, fresh outta training. Requests are welcome though please no Anime/MLP requests. Recommended use with Arby26's Desert Eagle reanimation. Note that it is not included with the mod.
Version: 1.1  (Final)
Last Updated: 09/10/12
Released: 09/10/12
Author: Nickolas Woods / K1CHWA / JollyJackel
Publisher: l4d2160
File: blu flame desert eagle release.vpk  
Size: 7.7MB
Last Updated: 09/10/12   Version: 1.1  (Final)    
I'm having a nerdgasm just by looking at it!

It's blue Dragon on the grip, awesome New sound effect
None that I can see
Love how it sounds and the look of it. Thanks
That's pretty nice.Pretty nice indeed!Look I'm a tag now.I'v always want to be a Tag.Thanks for that.The skin looks great!Keep up the good work.:))As for the glow effects that didn't get applied?No probs M8 I'm happy to help.
I'm happy you like it and i thank you for your help, though the effect was not applied. Check out my profile for more Deagles and yes i will be making other guns. My next priority is a request on the SPAZ 12. You'll find out what it is after it's released.
Update released! you now see what u get
I love the dragon on the grip.
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