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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps [SURVIVAL] Whitaker's Gun Shop Roof Day/Night Modes
[SURVIVAL] Whitaker's Gun Shop Roof Day/Night Modes created by Texeon.
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Version 10 & Major Updates - Now with cubemaps! Please rate & Comment! 'After the survivors found out that the mall was no longer safe, they were forced to return to Whitaker's Gun Shop. There they must call in anyone who can save them and get them out of the deep south.' Think you've got the hang of Day mode? Then give Night mode a go! Test your skills and teamwork in a dark, shady environment that we all know as Whitaker's Gun Shop. When you can't see the enemy, can you kill it? You can now get WGSR on Steam Workshop, for a hassle free install, try it! Have custom content or gameplay videos? contact me and yours could be featured on this page!
Version: 10  (Complete)
Last Updated: 09/08/13
Released: 09/08/13
Author: Texeon
Publisher: texeon
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: wgsr.vpk  
Size: 12.59MB
Mode: Survival,
Every item in the game is present (and there's no melee line in the mission file, so it spawns all melees) - Going along with the first one, actually puts the Heavy Machine Gun to use - Lags a bit when first loading in, but otherwise is lag free (can't say the same for other popular survival maps) - Lots of of variation in the areas to hold out - It's great to have a day and night version - Overall works excellent both as an easier survival map with bots (won't get quad capped in three minutes), and as a testing map for new addons - Whitaker's room is amusing
All of these are mostly minor, but I wasn't sure where else to put them :) - The hanging vent cover in the gun room blocks you from walking under it, even though it looks like there's room - Bots don't seem to take the weapons that you spawn in front of - It's kinda hard to get down by means of the ladders in the front, would it be possible to make it so you can't hang off of the ledge, or add a staircase? - I might be wrong on this, but it looks like there's more fog on this map than regular Dead Center. Seems excessive on the daytime version
A great map overall. Perfect adaption of an existing/underused L4D2 environment. Like I said, also doubles as a "testing" map, just feels like a good test map all around. Could use better navigation and better bot knowledge.
*Superb item layout *Use of Whitaker's gun shop weaponry! *able to climb over the dividers for quick get away! (aka the things were a fence used to atop in the middle of the map) *access to the store you originally get the cola from! *daytime AND night time mode!! Woot! *So many places to camp! *lots of room!
*On the shopping sign with the 3 mini-guns, when playing with bots 1-3 of the survivors will be stuck atop the latter and stay there. *Call me crazy but I think there was.. almost a bit too much of the items, on top of one of the roofs. But too few on the platform with the 3 mini-guns. *anime in a made up whitaker room?
All in all a wonderful survival map! Well done with items. Although i thought on one of the roof tops next to the top of whitaker's house had almost 2 much pain medication and guns. But what i thought was a bit odd was the room i encountered (which im assuming was designed to be whitaker's) had posters with anime girls on the wall? I understand that it was probably intended for the enjoyment of other players but still, it seemed a bit much. But wouldn't be a bad idea if the access to that room was gained through getting the bronze medal for example. (i wouldn't think it was Whitaker room when the room hes in is atop the roof inside a wooden box that opens to destroy a truck lol).
nice layout gunshop stockpile to use an area most know easily whitaker's room :)
the cola (non-issue imo)
one of my favorite maps, its just all around fun
day night mode the pictures in his bedroom ar great large open space alot of cheats are gone you gets lots of weapons
the cola says "get the cola" if you drop it if there are bots they find it a bit hard to navigate some of the stairs
its a great map with a couple of cons that i dont think are fixable but apart from thoses its really good
An amazing and large survival map which gives you multiple numbers of areas to explore. The item placement is excellent! Not too much, not too little. I have not been able to find any glitches yet.
Can't find any yet!
Altogether, the map is great to play with friends and an excellent gaming experience. 10/10
Last Updated: 09/08/13 Version: 10  (Complete) Views: 150,885
hey how do i use it with improved bots (advanced) coz i cant play
Hi Peelz, I'm very sorry for the late reply, I wish l4dmaps had a notifications system for emails ha ha. I use advanced bots always when playing, including when I've played on my map, you must have a conflict of some sort because I've not had any issues before, make sure you're running a local server as well.
What do i put in to play on cheat mode?
map wgsr3 survival

map wgsrnight5 survival
I put it in the addons folder double clicked it then hit yes to make changes to my computer then it said it faild to install what the hell did I do wrong
You don't double click to install, when you place it into the addons folder, the addon is automatically added to l4d2, within l4d2 you enable or disable it and then to play it go to survival mode.
So far I've survived almost 21 min... any actual rescue happening after like 30 or so, or just keep going for an endless attempt at a world record or something? ;) (what is the record for this anyway?)
Hey thanks for playing, 21 mins is pretty good, I think I've done that too.

The mode is survival and from my knowledge it isn't actually possible to win the mode without reprogramming the mode using the mutation or telling the players they won and then killing them to finish the round, so I can't help you there.

The world record could be anything, I've seen a few 14s and 19s so 21 is pretty good.

I'd appreciate it if you could rate and leave a review it helps get my map out to others.

Thanks for playing and have a great day!
Could you add the place where whitaker shoots the rocket launcher pls? Srr for my bad English :D
I would like to, however it does not have any attributes of importance. I've actually made it a ladder for the zombies to navigate, but it actually has absolutely nothing inside of it. Whitaker was in an empty box.

I don't think I will modify it, sorry, thanks for the suggestion though.
Oh then can you modify it? Whitaker body had died in there and the window is open to fire from inside.
If you don't want, just do nothing. I just suggest though. :D
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