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The Police Department created by Alvaro Becerra/Princesa Luna.
*UPDATE 8* Map 4 Added, the finale event still on beta, please be patient Added custom soundscapes Minor changes in the other maps
Version: 4.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 03/13/13
Released: 03/13/13
Author: Alvaro Becerra/Princesa Luna
Publisher: Princesa Luna
Maps: 4/4
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: thepolicedepartment.vpk  
Size: 137.91MB
Mode: Co-Op, Campaign,
Tagged: L4D2 Survivors, other,
Last Updated: 03/13/13   Version: 4.1  (Complete)    
+ Custom ambient soundscape + Routes are quite clear + Proper amount of mobs
- Too short, applies to each level - Details(clearly visible overlapped brushes, unpickable molotov) - Narrow, applies to each level - Tank placement in 2nd chapter - No rescue closets(in 2nd chapter) - Nav editing - Null finale
Lots of work to be done before it qualifies as a 4-map campaign. The scenario is fine, but it lacks details, bigger scenes, and events. That dude down there clearly over rated. Though the finale is still in beta I believe it won't take much effort to make that plane functional as a rescue as in No Mercy or The Parish, the author has labeled it as complete. However, I by no means meant this will go nowhere and bears no potential, it just needs more time for an "operation", a big one. Enlarge the scenes, get the nav work and create fun events and a functional finale. This ruined expectations from me and a few others and I believe the next game won't commence until later at night. What a beautiful evening. Apart from the finale: Mapping: 6.5/10 Events: 6 Experience: 5.5/10 TOTAL: 6.0
Great job !!! The last mission I cant get in the helicoper in singleplayer , I didnt try to play this map on multiplayer. But I will
finale's still incomplete, prob gotta wait for next update before the chopper's functional :P
*Good length maps. *Very good attention to detail and lighting. *Fun to play. *Custom thumbnails and poster.
*Custom intro would be good. *Hordes appeared before even leaving the starting saferoom. *Cell bars looked a bit blocky. *Maps need extending beyond the playable area. Can see in several places where map ends and sky begins. *No melee weapons until map 3. *No ammo or health in saferooms. Only one saferoom had weapons. *4 health kits near to end of map 2 were too close to the saferoom. When bots get that close to the saferoom, they ignore everything and just run for safety. Move health kits into saferoom or move them to earlier in the map. *Water filled tunnels could use a little more detail. *Can't escape in map 4.
A quite good campaign. There are a few issues still to be worked out, mainly the lack of supplies in the saferooms and not being able to escape in map 4. The police station is a bit of a maze but I managed to figure it out. Once the bugs have been sorted out and map 4 has been finished, this could be an excellent campaign.
Police Department, No alarms or events... seems legit.
agreed. the finale is not finished so don't mark it as complete.

also there is a bug in map 2 cos sometimes the players are spawned in both saferooms. and sometimes you can just finish the level by just opening and closing the door.
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