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Hatsune Miku (Rochelle) created by Xenoaisam, SgtGerim .
Original mod by: Xenoaisam Ported over Rochelle by me... I wasn't able to ask Xenoaisam for the permission to upload this so if he dosen't want this uploaded I'd be more than happy to take it down. Sorry for the crappy pictures.
Version: 2  (Complete)
Last Updated: 11/25/12
Released: 11/25/12
Author: Xenoaisam, SgtGerim
Publisher: SgtGerim
File: rochelle_miku 8d.vpk  
Size: 2.5MB
Last Updated: 11/25/12   Version: 2  (Complete)    
- Amazing Detail! ( +3 ) - Has Facial animations! ( +5 ) - Jiggle bones are fantastic! ( +2 ) - Dat skirt ( +1 ) - Fits Rochelle nicely ( 1+ ) - FPS Arms! ( 2+ )
- Animations are a HUGE mess online ( -7 ) - When Miku is dead sometimes she stands up ( Which Scared me the first time ) ( 1- ) - The animations are the only thing that ruins the mod
It is a really good and detailed model but the only thing that ruins this mod are the animations. So if you like a very detailed Miku and don't care about the animations then this mod is for you.
the animation is broken on this mod...can you fix it
It should only be broken online (it's a problem carried over from the original mod idk how to fix it) it should work offline
because this model is original made for Obsidian Conflict (a Source 2007 mod)
Xeno only included L4D2's animation and recompiled it without rerig the L4D2's player skeleton
(happened on L4D version, too)

this make the playermodel won't synchronize with server
Well I love it but can you fix the HUD to Rochelle because now I just see Ellis HUD for Rochelle / Miku.
So can you please fix a Miku HUD for Rochelle thx ^^
.......that picture...........its creepy.....yet i cant stop staring 8|
Arigato ^^

btw I can ask Xeno-sensei if it is okey with this MOD.
Sure, thanks
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