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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Cold Case: The Forsaken
Cold Case: The Forsaken created by mrfranswa aka RyOK.
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This is a daytime running of the campaign Cold Case, in reverse. Straight forward L4D2 zombo hunting. Just kill or be eaten by fleshheads. You explore areas of Cold Case you did not do in that campaign. Author has graciously allowed us to post the map. RyOK is the author and gets 100% of the credit for making this map.
Version: 8.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 01/12/13
Released: 01/12/13
Author: mrfranswa aka RyOK
Publisher: Trunten
Maps: 5/5
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: cctf.vpk  
Size: 702.81MB
Mode: Co-Op, Campaign,
Tagged: L4D1 Survivors,
-Map variety -Scenic -Well placed paths -Challenging in some areas -Well placed witches -Map 3 mini finale? -Map 4 door switch
-Rough start -Total lack of melee weapons -Only 1 spare pistol and 1 Desert Eagle -Floating text is useless -Too many witches in prison (3 at once!?) -Map 3 mini finale? -Lack of many tier 2 weapons. -Poor weapon placement
The game started out good...creepy opening, great environment and awesome selection of paths to go around to get to your goal. But slowly some very bad parts started to rear their ugly heads as I continued. There were NO melee weapons, VERY FEW second pistol placements and ZERO tier two weapons besides the most basic from the first game (okay granted I found ONE Spas 12 and ONE military sniper rifle but thats it). There was also those random moments where you put in text indicating what was to happen in the level, but if you didn't stand in the exact spot they would either not show or would be blown up to a massive size making them unable to read, those really aren't needed. Lastly, while the placement of witches was very creative (behind closed doors, right in the way of where you needed to go and so on) there were honestly in my opinion just a few too many. I felt like I was in hard rain except no rain and the witches were being pains in my tookas. This map needs a review and reworking cause there are some serious glaring problems that need fixing before its considered great. Now I'm not saying its the worst I've ever played, no no no, there are maps FAR much worse and like I said, I liked the idea, but it just does need a few major improvements before I would consider it a good map that I want to play again. Give it a well deserved update and you have a map that can be a real fun challenge for the basic player.
*This romp has atmosphere thus improving immersion *Plays better on mutations or custom servers *You travel areas that feel like you shouldn't be there *Half Life style inspired buildings *Maps are relatively large so you're not cramped *Old skool feel
*Not enough infected ladders for versus play though tolerable workaround for the infected (e.g. taaaank mode is hilariously bad for tanks on starting area but great on the middle maps) *Level design throughout is hit and miss *Rescue and credits might be glitched YMMV *No melee unless you play on select servers *Text during some button push parts is garbled but those parts are logical
Has some highs and many boring parts to make it fair. Prison parts have a foreboding atmosphere. Some glitches actually improve the experience. Cold Case: TF will feel quite average if you were used to Cold Case's original adventure like pace. Worth a playthrough.
Last Updated: 01/12/13 Version: 8.0  (Final) Views: 40,567
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Already a "final" version? Still got a couple of noticeable problems to figure out:

- Bots still don't take notice of most supplies lying around across the campaign outside of safe rooms, unless I push them overtop of each item (especially annoying for map 3's faux-finale whenever they're out of ammo or need first aid).

- Ending stats don't start rolling after finishing map 5.
turn down settings like page pool memory and disable other client maps before playing this one. No crashed here. Can't wait for COLD CASE proper because i truly remembered the adventure feel with the voice overs, it was a bit like saw in some parts, the feeling of isolation with traps in map 3 iirc. The design is a bit rough around the edges though it's worth a playthrough or two
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