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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Final Salvation [Demo]
Final Salvation [Demo] created by Final Salvation developers.
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This is the first map of a 5-map campaign called Final Salvation. Map 1 'The Canal' is released now as a teaser for the full campaign. Campaign created by: aaWee, Goudvis and Exi. Other maps are under development. Special thanks in the changelog (right top corner) Happy gaming!
Version: 2  (Beta)
Last Updated: 01/08/13
Released: 01/08/13
Author: Final Salvation developers
Publisher: aaWee
Maps: 1/5
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: finalsalvationdemo.vpk  
Size: 31.47MB
Mode: Co-Op, Versus, Campaign,
Tagged: L4D2 Survivors,
Fun lengthy layout Very detailed Lots of places to explore Many directions you can go
Intro could stand to be shortened/faster Choppy at the start Going through the tunnel made the game almost unplayable for me
If I could figure out why my frame rate and sound went to crap once I went through the tunnel with the barrels this would definitely be a 10/10. Too unstable to play again. Maybe when this stuff is fixed. I really loved this map though, and would love to play it with friends when it's completed. :)
Last Updated: 01/08/13 Version: 2  (Beta) Views: 11,672
It's still coming along, but the source engine can be troublesome to work with sometimes.
Any word on when this will be finished?
Great first demo, can't wait!
Thank you for your comments. Hold on for new content!
Stoked! I have been waiting for a quality versus map, this looks great! had my eye on this campaign for some time now.
I love it! Very original, can't wait for the upcoming maps. :)
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