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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Radio Nick Voice Mod
Radio Nick Voice Mod created by Eranthis.
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I thought this mod idea would be good for helmet/mask/swat based skins here on the site. A mod altering the original dialogue of Nick to sound almost radio-like. As shown above, the mod does not work vpk wise and must be installed manually. Google yourself GCFScape if you do not have the program. It should be easy to find and easy to install. Extract the sound files into your l4d2 directory. Go into game and in your developer's console, type snd_updateaudiocache and that should properly sync the audio to work in game (type exit when you're done). DO NOT USE AS A VPK FILE!
Version: 1  (Final)
Last Updated: 01/20/13
Released: 01/20/13
Author: Eranthis
Publisher: EranthisAconite
File: radio_nick.vpk  
Size: 201.69MB
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Last Updated: 01/20/13 Version: 1  (Final) Views: 6,365
It'll be nice to have cause i use the Phoenix MPF skin on nick
I have no idea how to "extract the sound files" and have no clue what the l4d2 directory is. I don't mod often and when I do it's usually just .vpks that I can install into the addons folder. These come as .vpks anyways
I can use this when i use a soldier or some character with a mask or something like that.
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