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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Green Blood BETA
Green Blood BETA created by Princesa Luna/Alvaro Becerra.
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It was a hard work and it still in BETA but reviews and coments would be apreciated
Version: 1.0  (Beta)
Last Updated: 01/08/13
Released: 01/08/13
Author: Princesa Luna/Alvaro Becerra
Publisher: Princesa Luna
File: grb.vpk  
Size: 0.07MB
Fit perfectly (for a specific type of mod). Classic games, where you can choose the blood color.
Only a weak color swap, need brighter. Wall blood, still red. Weird in friendly fire, if you don't use a survivor replacement (like Predator, Aliens, etc).
Awesome job man, i love! Now i can play with a "Warrior Bugs" replacement for zombies with joy... Can you work more in green color, give a like a radioactive style, because is gonna match with any replacement mod. Make another version with the survivor blood keep red, just swap from zombies to green.
Last Updated: 01/08/13 Version: 1.0  (Beta) Views: 9,067
Please make another one where the blood on the ground and in your face is green! That would be really nice!
Hay give this blood for L4D1 ? :O :) this is very nice *_* i love this beta blood :)
For some strange reason, what I read from TF2 wiki, those blood were the same in HL2 when you kill the Antlion King. Even in TF2 bonk drink effects.
>Make another version with the survivor blood keep red, just swap from zombies to green.

Please make a red blood version !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We need your help.

I want to use -lv with this add-on concurrently.
Please give us.I can't edit.
It's like from Black Mesa Source
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