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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods All HUNK
All HUNK created by Manix33, Riesstiu.
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This makes all characters HUNK from Manix33's HUNK RE:ORC. Left for dead 2 characters are just as Manix33 made for Ellis. The Original characters have standard First Person arms, tried to figure it out but out of ideas. I recommend using the Tactical Medpack Black (Clean or Dirty) I think it looks better than Red if your going for that Tactical feel. Also I know i did not use the name HUNK on any of the characters cause in RE he is usually alone so he is not with these guys. Any Suggestions let me know. This mod acts weird with multiplayer.
Version: .8  (Beta)
Last Updated: 11/07/13
Released: 11/07/13
Author: Manix33, Riesstiu
Publisher: Riesstiu
File: All HUNK.vpk  
Size: 19.85MB
Every survivor as HUNK Custom HUDS Custom Names Models have hand skins as well Works great offline
Models bug out when you are in an Online game
Fix the scripts so they work online because no one just wants offline models.
-Apocalyptic survivors -Nice models -Nice 3nd person view but... -Have arms but... -Replace all survivors (L4D1 and L4D2) -The tactical gilet (perfect for the medkit attachement in back, and really nice with bag medkit mod) -Gasmask, gloves ^^ -Icons
No Fps arms for Left 4 Dead 1 survivors..... The FPS arms is not perfect with all weapons (distortion)... The textures arms are bad or not perfect with CS weapons.... Small bug at the shoulders level... Deformations of tactical textures when you use melee weapons... Please keep the original names of survivors because in game we do not know who is who XD
A really nice mod, It's plaisant to play with this ^^ But please fix the bugs .... ;) A big thanks for your great work !!!! ^^
- Very epic looking characters - Fitting to zombie killing - Characters fit into lots of maps for story-line - Works for L4D1
- Names should match more (Ex: The Kid [then] DUKE Does not fit very well, all should be capitals if that's what your aiming for) - Sometimes it's difficult to tell them apart, VERY SLIGHTLY
Either way, if you want to look cool tanking through zombies, this mod is for you. Just throwing this in there, if you could name the characters to your liking, that would be real sweet.
Last Updated: 11/07/13 Version: .8  (Beta) Views: 40,047
Greetings, if you are able could you add in the first person hands for the original L4D survivors? It will be convenient should I decide to to play as one of them.
can you fix the online animations? plzzz
If you can make it pls make a lady HUNK from RE Revelation. Actually I like HUNK so much and you did it with a good details on HUNK's skin.
Hello,Can you make Lady Hunk's mod for Zoey? I like Lady Hunk(from Resident Evil-Revelations),i want it !
Please help me~
Great addon! Love it! Do you take requests? If so I'd like you to make a pack where all 8 Survivors are Juggernauts from (da1barker,kostas, ifatallityyx)'s MW2 Model Pack. Let me know if this is possible.
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