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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps 2fort Survival
2fort Survival created by Budd Dwyer.
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This new and improved version of my original 2fort survival map contains improvements such as custom lighting, proper reflections, better weapon placement, and a DRAMATICALLY reduced file size! Please leave feedback on bugs and shortcomings, so I may fix them! Have fun!
Version: 1.5  (Final)
Last Updated: 03/02/13
Released: 03/02/13
Author: Budd Dwyer
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: 2fort survival.vpk  
Size: 224.46MB
Mode: Survival,
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Last Updated: 03/02/13 Version: 1.5  (Final) Views: 13,757
and why not make a 'real' tf2 match with the intel room open, when grabbing the intel the zombi wave will appear (opcional: idk use the halloween voodoo cursed souls for some models so there will be a zombie scout in your head) and when going to the other intel room (if you make it alive) there will be a helicopter or a rocket... idk
this map is form tf2
Come to think of it, one map that would be interesting in making for survival and have it be dynamic, would be Dustbowl. After like, 8 minutes, the second part of the map is open, and then after another 8 minutes, the next prat is open, and then after a grand total of like 30 minutes, the rocket that is in the end part of the third map, could go blast off or something (idk, just random thought that poped up in my mind). Of course, such a map would be HUGE and the file size would be scary, but, if certain parts like the spawn rooms for the red team and things were removed, then it could cut down on size.
Or a lazier idea would be to simple split each section of the map into it's own individual survival map, but would you said wouldn't be entirely unfeasible.
How about instead of blocking the intel room why not open the room behind it and put a ladder or two behind it?
I think tf2engie was a bit overly critical in his review and a rating of 1.0 was totally uncalled for, but he goes bring up a few good points though. Mainly, the map is too good for itself. Meaning, that the map is so huge that it is possible to just grab all the items and hole up in the intel room or somewhere and never ever have to worry about anything.
See here people, this is an example of good constructive criticism, the kind that neatly and clearly lays out what the main problem is...

Next update I will have to see what I will do about that...I might just get lazy and block the intel room off.
Dont think about blocking the intel room off, it can remove spirit from the map, because they cant reach an important part of the original map.
I prefer game play over spirit, I will most likely just block off the two intel rooms, I tried surviving in them myself and I easily got 15 minutes on both of them
Alright, even though by my standards it's not a true port to block that off. Something better to do would to be to have zombies come from the room blocked off by glass behind it, and also zombies come from the other blocked off part near the celing.
I could do that, but I am lazy...
I know this is extremely late, but I really was. I apologise and I do not know why I gave it such a bad rating. I love the concept of the map and it is really fun. I should of given it a 8.5 instead of a 1.0. I don't know if it were me who deleted it or someone else, but I'm glad that bad... thing is gone.
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